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Genres Revisited

About a year ago, I wrote a post on this blog exploring the meanings and nuances embedded within musical genres and categorizations. After discussing examples of variations and debates concerning different types of music and the meanings people attach to … Continue reading

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Does anybody care about the Grammys?

A few weeks ago, I surprised a student by both not realizing the Grammy nominations were coming soon and by not caring about them at all. The student was very excited about the Grammy awards show that airs on television … Continue reading

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Just over two weeks ago, Ryan Adams released his cover version of Taylor Swift’s 1989 record. As I noted on this blog prior to the release, I was delighted by even the idea of this project and spent quite a … Continue reading

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Ritual on the Radio

I realized the other day that I rarely listen to music on the radio. In fact, considering how much of my time is spent listening to music, this seemed rather odd to me when it crossed my mind mid-conservation last … Continue reading

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Sociology of Pop Music Course (Joe Kotarba) #sssi #music

I am teaching my online sociology of pop music course this semester, as I do every spring and summer. Our assignment this week has my students (all 76 of them) analyzing the Grammys through the three major sociological paradigms (consensus, … Continue reading

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