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Exploring the Meaning(s) of Record Store Day

Right now, I’m sitting on my porch sipping a cup of coffee and listening to the latest release from Brandy Clark – Live from Los Angeles.  I’m especially happy to be doing this because this record is one of the 8 … Continue reading

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Riding on the Subway

In 2002, Jesse Malin released an album called The Fine Art of Self Destruction. As I traveled around Chicago for a couple weeks attending academic meetings and informal gatherings with other scholars, I kept thinking about one song on this … Continue reading

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Symbolic Interactionists take on Music

Thanks to Dirk for reminding me to start posting some of the details on the Couch-Stone Symposium, held on March 27-29, 2014 at Texas State University. “Symbolic Interactionist Takes on Music” was a big hit. There were 41 presenters on … Continue reading

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