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Soundtracking Existence

After dreaming of doing so for most of my life, two weeks ago I released my first novel – Cigarettes & Wine, for purchasing information please visit http://a.co/5bsI4v2.  The novel is a sociological narrative built on over two decades of … Continue reading

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Teaching Sociology with Music…Some Examples

A few months back, I spoke on a conference panel about using music in the classroom.  Both before and after that talk, I chatted with a handful of people interested in examples I used in classes to cover various concepts.  … Continue reading

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Writing Fuel

A few years ago, I had a nice conversation about writing habits with a colleague who cares very little for music except when she is writing. While she almost never listened to music at any other time, she noted how … Continue reading

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Musical Dramaturgy

A couple of days ago after class, I was sitting in my office talking with a student about potential career opportunities. As we finished our talk, the student looked around the office, and noted, “You must really like music a … Continue reading

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Musical Technologies of Memory

I have an electric guitar in my office. Cherry red and white, it lives on a little stand situated between one of my bookshelves and a file cabinet. Sometimes when I get stuck on a manuscript or course preparation, I … Continue reading

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Interview with Howard Becker #sssi

Interactionists interested in music might be interested in the interview with Howard Becker that has recently been published in Symbolic Interaction. In the interview Becker talks about the development of his sociology and in particular about his sociology of art. … Continue reading

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