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Riding on the Subway

In 2002, Jesse Malin released an album called The Fine Art of Self Destruction. As I traveled around Chicago for a couple weeks attending academic meetings and informal gatherings with other scholars, I kept thinking about one song on this … Continue reading

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Dramaturgical Guitars

Having both begun playing guitar about this time last year, in this post Xan Nowakowski and J. Sumerau collaboratively reflect on some ways people interpret and use guitars in ways that signify meaning about themselves, music, and the wider social world. … Continue reading

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Didn’t We Meet: The Many Masks of Alice Cooper

Dr. Xan Nowakowski is research faculty at the Florida State University College of Medicine, and adjunct faculty in Sociology. Their research and teaching focus on the experience and management of chronic health conditions, their causes, and their consequences. In this … Continue reading

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Musical Dramaturgy

A couple of days ago after class, I was sitting in my office talking with a student about potential career opportunities. As we finished our talk, the student looked around the office, and noted, “You must really like music a … Continue reading

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