A couple resources for teaching SI and music

This week, I would like to use this space to share two resources that came my way that may be helpful for Interactionists incorporating music into classroom offerings.

First, SSSI received an interesting infographic concerning careers in the music industry, which might be useful for discussing the social organization and construction of music as phenomena, art, business, and occupation.  Check it out:

Music Careers For Your Personality Type

Second, like many other scholars and music fans, I watched with interest Beyonce’s latest release over the past weekend.  The video and song provide a powerful narrative and symbolic representation of Black Southern culture, history, and politics that may (as it did in one of my own classes already) spark interesting discussion and debate concerning music, race, politics, southern cultures, and symbols in contemporary American society.  For those interested in utilizing this work in classrooms or simply interested in thinking about and reflecting upon it themselves, I recommend checking out the insightful commentary offered by Dr. Zandria Robinson (linked below) alongside the video itself (linked below):

Dr. Robinson’s post on the video – http://newsouthnegress.com/southernslayings/

The video itself – http://www.lovebscott.com/music/beyonce-drops-new-song-video-formation-on-tidal

I’ll be back next week with a new post exploring the social construction of favorites in music tastes and listening practices, and until then I hope these resources are useful for Interactionists covering or considering covering music in their classes.

J. Sumerau


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