Maggie Cobb’s report of the Couch-Stone Symposium

Maggie Cobb (University of South Florida) who attended the Couch-Stone Symposium at Texas State University in San Marcos in March (27th – 29th), wrote an excellent report of her experience of the event. 

The pictures have been sent to me by Lori Holyfield.

More soon!



If ever there was a celebration of symbolic interaction, music, and community, it was to be found at the 2014 Couch-Stone Symposium: “Symbolic Interactionist Takes on Music.” Offering us an opportunity to share our love of symbolic interaction and music as scholars and friends, this year’s symposium was a tremendous and revitalizing success. As a cultural object and activity, music represents an important vehicle through which individuals create, shape, and apply meaning to their experiences, identities, and communities. As fans of Lou Reed, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Matisyahu, hip hop, and rap; as songwriters, barbershop quartet singers, and festival goers; as creators and participants in music scenes, communities, and urban organizations; as Christians, Quakers, Canadians, and Hispanics; as baby boomers, adolescent youth, women and men; for musicians and listeners alike, music shapes and is shaped by how people make sense out of their social worlds and the worlds of others.


In addition to sharing our acknowledgement and appreciation for the roles that symbolic interaction and music play in our lives, in the lives of others, and in our broad and colorful research endeavors, Couch-Stone was also a time to share music and good ‘ole fashioned fun with one another. Whether we were jamming, enjoying performances by Leon Russell and Telo Trio, or chatting over famous Texas barbeque and a cold beer, Couch-Stone was a time of musical communion with friends old and new. The symposium represented an experience where we could share our research and tap our toes, swap ideas and create music. We enjoyed an engaging keynote address by Tim Dowd, dished over authentic Mexican food to the tune of live mariachi music, explored Texas State University’s lovely campus, and forged new paths for future collaborations. Truly a refreshing, fun, and rewarding tribute to symbolic interaction, our community, and our love of music, the question remains: When is the next one and who’s bringing their instrument?



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2 Responses to Maggie Cobb’s report of the Couch-Stone Symposium

  1. jk542013 says:

    Nicely put, Maggie. Joe

  2. With every bit of information I get, I become sadder that I was unable to attend. Glad the meeting had such a great impact!

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